Releasing Pumpkin Everything October Crate! – My Christmas Crate
Trust us, we LOVE everything about Christmas....
BUT when one of our elves suggested creating a limited edition "pumpkin themed" Crate in October we couldn't resist asking for our fans feedback on this first ever idea!  So we ran a poll on Facebook and surprisingly, y'all voted for "GIMME THE PUMPKIN"!
For me, I truly enjoy the countdown to the holiday season which 100% includes taking in all the Fall flavors and tastes (pumpkin spice, pumpkin seeds, apple pie, baking breads in pumpkin molds)....  you name it, I've done it!  So it was naturally a ingenious idea to incorporate fall flavors into our October Crate.
Now we do take into account the fact that some are just not pumpkin fans, I mean you signed up for a CHRISTMAS Crate right? We get it.... so for those of you that do not drool over your pumpkin spice latte's you can quickly and easily opt out of your October delivery by logging into your customer dashboard and selecting "SKIP" under your delivery schedule tab (easy peasy right)?
Annnnd, if all else fails, email us at and we'll take care of it for you!