What's in the crate? **UNBOXING** – My Christmas Crate
What does shipping day mean to a Christmas fan?
It's a joyous celebration and eager anticipation of what's to come.... it's patiently waiting for the mail carrier to arrive with your package after a long day. It's a cheerful celebration of all things Christmas and a reminder that it's a beautiful feeling to keep the Christmas spirit alive all year long!
What are YOU going to create with all the goods from this months Christmas Crate? For starters, you will probably want to dig right into your gingerbread man cookie creation. Joyfully whisking yummy ingredients together while a Christmas tune is playing in the background.  Your happy snowman salt and pepper shakers by your side reminding you there's a only a few more months to wait until we are in FULL BLOWN holiday season!  Go ahead and make lists and check them off twice on your "Be Merry" sticky pad. And don't forget, before your guests arrive to try out those amazing gingerbread man sandwich cookies, you pop the top on your "Merry Memories" room spray to make your home smell all kinds of Christmas good!