Sugar Saver Disc
Sugar Saver Disc Sugar Saver Disc

Christmas Terra Cotta Brown Sugar Saver Disk. Not only a sweet holiday accent, this  Sugar Saver Disk is an excellent kitchen gadget for keeping some of your favorite ingredients fresh! This disk is guaranteed to soften your hard, rocky brown sugar, and keep it that way.

To use, soak in water for 15 minutes, pat dry, and place kept in a sealed storage container. When sugar begins to harden, re-soak, pat dry, and use again! Not only brown sugar, but utilize this ceramic disk for keeping most any ingredients most and fresh! It is an excellent way to keep the holiday cheer alive with your many Christmas baking ventures!

Include as the perfect gift with your thoughtfully baked creations! Let many serve as lovely party favors and placeholders, serving as darling focal pieces at individual table settings!