After Christmas blues? – My Christmas Crate


If you're anything like me, you may have mixed feelings about the holiday festivities behind you. On one hand, my calendar doesn't look exceptionally crazy with scribbles of events jotted in and sticky notes of holiday reminders marked "urgent".  No running around last minute snatching up milk & butter for that recipe you know your in-laws will simply love. No flour in my hair from the all day baking sesh for the annual cookie exchange and it's probably time to offer my liver a break from the Christmas parties,  wine infused gift exchanges and holiday get togethers.

BUT....  the flip side for me (ever since I was a little girl) is this feeling of sadness that the festivities are now gone (that something to really look forward to), the sparkle, glitter, tinsel, the pretty wrapping, 24 hour Christmas music on every station and long conversations by the tree after the wee ones go to bed. I miss all of it! 

And this my friends, is one of the reasons we created MY CHRISTMAS CRATE! I am a true Christmas lover year round. If you ask me, we should celebrate it as often as we wish because simply put, there is something magical about Christmas time. We have so many wonderful Christmas delights in store for you in 2017 that our elves are just bursting to share with you.  We know, we know.... the surprise is half of the fun so we wont give away too much.

So until then, keep celebrating Christmas every month with us!


Kelli Girsch (Founder & Chief Everything Officer) & her Elf