APRIL Crates are hitting doorsteps! – My Christmas Crate
Do your happy dance! Christmas Crates are on schedule and shipping TODAY!
Christmas Crates always seem to bring a smile to Christmas enthusiasts both near and far!
There's something about receiving a "surprise" gift filled with Christmas cheer that simply makes you feel like a kid again.
Did you happen to see our Sneak Peek for this month yet? If you're a subscriber, you can definitely count on a magical and timeless classic CD to be in your Crate. For the Faithful at Christmas is a wonderful blend of all of your Christmas and holiday favorite songs rolled up into one delightful jazz piano solo!
Behind the scenes, our elves are scurrying around filling USPS trucks with all this Christmas Cheer!  Christmas Crates begin shipping on the 20th of the month and continue the remainder of the week in large load batches. We are usually on our third cup of coffee by 10AM and well into clearing out our stockroom in preparation for the next in house delivery of featured items for the next months Crate!
We can't wait to see all of your pics and emails pour in once you receive this months Crate!  Remember, you can WIN your next Crate on us by tagging us in your social media Christmas Crate pics!
Have a jolly weekend,
The Elves