Caramel Apple quick bread muffins! – My Christmas Crate
We are SO excited to reveal a little "SNEAK PEEK" into this months Christmas Crates!  Since we love any excuse to holiday bake & our elves enjoy taste testing everything we feature in our Christmas Crates,  why not bake up a little sweet fun with this yummy caramel apple quick bread mix! (Yes, there's a mix with your name on it if you are a subscriber this month HOORAY!
So, as any good elf does..... we put on a lil' Christmas music to get us in the mood and prepared our baking space. (Yes, that's a gingerbread man spatula)! Now this quick bread means exactly that, IT'S QUICK and requires only 2 ingredients to be added to the powdery spice scented mix (eggs and water). Quick, easy & fool proof (that's just our style).
We followed the seamless directions, added our eggs & water and licked the spatula. Quality inspection of course!
Now with this mix, you can either make a loaf or add to lined muffin trays (which is what we did) because we have a lot of little elves running around these parts and we knew the muffins would go farther and fill up more tummies. The blend smells amazing, think cinnamon, caramel with hints of apple mixed in.  There are actual chunks of caramel floating around the mixture which led to probably too many taste tests of the batter (quality inspection remember)?
The muffins took approximately 25 minutes, our kitchen smelled great and we had very little mess to clean up! We told you it was easy right? Hence, the name "quick bread"!
Are you excited? Are you excited to receive this yummy goodness this month? Can you smell the spices yet? HINT: I am a fan of adding applesauce to all of my muffins and mixes. It's no secret it just makes everything moist, like melt in your mouth moist. In my next batch, I am definitely going to add maybe a 1/2 cup....  Other than that, we really enjoyed these muffins and let me say, they were devoured by the little elves right away so that's always a good sign!
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