Delayed January Shipments.... – My Christmas Crate

Dear Christmas lovers,

GOOD NEWS: Your newly packaged Christmas Crate is almost on its way!
BAD NEWS: I say almost because they are running a little behind schedule this month.

As we transition into 2018 with elf style and grace, I'm afraid we've ran into a few obstacles with our final product which has delayed our shipping this last batch of crates out on time. (Yes, some have received their Crates).  I like to think of Christmas Crate as a Christmas wonderland full of candy canes and magical sparkling star topped Christmas trees but sometimes we're also a bunch of awesome elves wanting to drink all of the eggnog because things aren't going to plan (ahhh, such is life right)?

It makes our elfs cringe to think we've let you down or have tarnished the level of timely service you have come to expect with our cheerful deliveries. This we Elf pinky promise:

  • Your Christmas Crates will be mailed out the first week of February (tracking to follow)
  • The kinks to our new fulfillment and sourcing products will be worked out.
If you have any questions, please shoot us a snow filled email to and thanks for your patience Christmas fans!
XO~ Head Elf Kelli