Save the "text or email".... Send a traditional card – My Christmas Crate

 In today's techy savvy generation, we've all given in to the quick text or email as our way of communicating...... When was the last time you actually sat down, composed your thoughts and wrote a genuine, meaningful letter or sent a card with a real, honest-to-goodness stamp on the outside?


 I can think of a few reasons why we need to bring back this classic tradition this holiday season:

  1. If you received your June Christmas Crate, you now have beautiful stationary and don't want to feel guilty for not using it of course!
  2. You might be trying to develop a meaningful relationship with your postal carrier, and really though, who doesn't LOVE their postal carrier during the holidays.... these faithful friends bring holiday cheer to our doors almost daily.
  3. You like buying stamps—especially the collectible ones with fun holiday bells and candy canes on them.
  4. You believe your letters are immortal and hope that family and friends will collect them for posterity.
  5. Most importantly, you want to put a huge smile on the face of the recipient of your beautiful card or letter. Nothing feels better than knowing we were on someone's mind. A very special someone took time out of their day to think of YOU.


There's really no substitute for a handwritten note and are still a valued, personal, meaningful way to communicate with loved ones.