Warm a Sole – My Christmas Crate
Remember the feeling of the first day of school? Butterflies, excitement, and feeling good about the new shoes we went shopping for. We felt confident and proud ready to start the New Year and tackle whatever came our way – for those who were fortunate enough to buy new shoes.
For some that is not the reality. The feeling of embarrassment, worrying about kids staring at your shoes, and not being able to concentrate in class, wearing hand-me-down shoes, worn out or poor fitting shoes is what some children endure.
That is why Warm A Sole, Inc. was born, to assist children in feeling better about their situation. To enhance self confidence in school and boost their development and overall growth by providing children with new shoes enabling them to attend school in comfort and with dignity and allow them to focus on academics rather than their circumstances.
We proudly support this cause, that's why you may have noticed Warm a Sole's cute little magnets in all December Christmas crates and Ornament Club subscriptions! Take some time to donate and make a child's day this season.