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Fall is in the air folks! The mornings are a tad bit cooler and we're longing for sweater weather here at Christmas Crate HQ! As we gear up for a fast paced holiday season, we wanted to take a few minutes to share our holiday spotlight with y'all! Our holiday spotlight is our way of sharing new, fun & interesting people or products that inspire and share the same Christmas vibe we do!

(PS: We'll be doing a GIVEAWAY so read on...)

We are pleased to introduce you to Kim Busbea, owner of Miracle In A Manger.


During the holidays, people can get so caught up in the commercialization of Christmas that they begin to lose sight of the real reason for the season. Miracle in a Manger is a new, fun, interactive Christian Christmas Tradition that comes packaged with a children's book and toy that is meant to teach children the true meaning of Christmas.


Why we think it's cool!  Many of us have kids and we love the idea of interactively teaching children about the true meaning of Christmas!  So, we tested it out for ourselves.... (yes, in Summer)!

Miracle in a Manger comes equipped with all you need to teach your kids the true meaning of Christmas. This product comes with a beautiful illustrated storybook, 25 angel message cards, 25 pieces of soft hay, a plush manger and an angel who becomes the baby Jesus on Christmas morning.

The book is fantastic and the illustrations are vibrantly done. 




I came up with the final idea of Miracle in a Manger last year. Several years ago I learned about the Manger Tradition, where people would place a manger under the Christmas tree. I really loved the idea of this and how it could impact children, for them to be able to see and understand the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Over the years I have thought about how I wanted to take this idea and make it so much more. I came up with a way that would involve children and their families that would be creative and fun for everyone. And of course more meaningful and help people truly learn and remember what the TRUE meaning of Christmas is, a celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Not only is Miracle in a Manger fun for children, but it teaches children in a way they can carry what they learn with them throughout the year and hopefully throughout their life.


My future plan is to expand this company all over the world and to get Miracle in a Manger into the hands of children everywhere. As a Christian parent I feel it is my job to teach children the reason we celebrate Christmas, and what better way do that then with Miracle in a Manger. A product which teaches the TRUE meaning. I believe every child should have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ and my goal is to do just that.


My favorite Christmas memory would have to be the family time we spent together during the Christmas season. I came from a family of six siblings and we are all very close. I can remember my family always cooking, reading stories about the TRUE Christmas story and celebrating the holidays together, to me that was the most special and still is. I will continue to do this with my family and making new memories, Miracle in a Manger is now a fun, new tradition we have added to our Christmas Celebration.

We wish Kim continued success on her creative business!


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