You've Been Snowed! – My Christmas Crate

We are THRILLED to announce the newest addition to our holiday line up this year!In addition to our Christmas Crate and Ornament Club subscription, we have added something a little fun and exciting to the mix with our You've Been Snowed! delivery.


What's better than a good ol' fashioned indoor snowball fight? You've Been Snowed ships a plushy bundle of indoor snowballs perfect for a little indoor fun so let the snowball games begin! The perfect happy surprise or stress reliever for a friend, graduate, spouse, co-worker or just a plain ol' pick-me-up! You've been Snowed comes with snow game and decor ideas for your new snowballs! Just provide the shipping address for the recipient and include your personalized note (or remain anonymous) and our elves do the rest.

What You Get:

  • 6 incredibly fluffy plush snowballs
  • Crunchy-soft realistic snow feel
  • Includes Jute & Cotton drawstring carry tote
  • Personalized note included with snowball games and decor ideas card
  • Endless Memories
  • Free (US) Shipping!